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Small Group Cluster Letter

Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

You are not alone. God declares that together we are a people for His own possession. Christ died to redeem us as a people. The Holy Spirit binds us to Christ and to one another. We are a covenant community.

One of the songs in our hymnal makes this statement:

We are a Temple,
The Spirit's dwelling place,
Formed in great weakness,
A cup to hold God's grace;
We die alone,
For on its own
Each ember loses fire;
Yet, joined in one,
The flame burns on
To give warmth and light,
And to inspire.1

That’s good theology, practical theology that reflects both biblical warning and biblical wisdom. And it applies to each of us.

The New Testament lists about fifty "one another" passages that fill out the agenda for our body life as Christ's church. God's design for discipleship, our growth as sons and servants, is in community. We need one another. We can't really know one another or be involved with one another or help one another mature spiritually in the weekly worship context. That happens in the small group.

With this in mind, please take time to reflect on the following pages. They describe the small group structure here at RPC. Pray for how and where the Lord would include you.

Together in the Vine of Life.
Pastor Stan Gale

1. Bryan Jeffery Leech/Johannes Brahms, "We Are God's People",© 1976 Fred Bock Music Company, italics added.