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312 W Union St.
West Chester, PA 19382

(610) 696-3482


Student Classes

Junior–Senior High School
Third floor of 314
Mark Bonnette and Mark McCaffrey

Every Sunday morning children from Grades 5 through Senior High meet together to learn more about Christ and what He means to them in their lives. This age is a difficult time in children's lives with many peer pressures, emotional highs and lows, spiritual questions, and many other struggles. This class is designed to answer questions the class may have and also to guide the students through life showing them who Christ is and why our lives are completely empty without Him. Communicating this to them sets the tone for relying on Christ and not self for all the struggles life may bring.

Grades 1–4
Second Floor of 314
Linda Gale

This year we will be studying first from the book of Exodus and learning how to apply the 10 Commandments in our lives. Then we'll be studying the book of Acts and learning how God spread His Kingdom after Christ's time on earth. Finally, we will be looking at little known people from the Old and New Testament who were servants of God.

Besides studying God's Word, we also play games, sing, do scripture memory and have friendly competitions in class

Ages 5–6
Lower Level of Church Building
Sarah Brown

We will be learning many Bible truths this year. Truths such as God takes care of us, God sent Jesus to save us from our sins, God loves and helps us trust and obey Him and many, many more. We look forward to using Bible stories, songs and scripture memory and games to help us remember all that we learn.

Ages 2–4
Lower Level of Church Building
Lindsay Gale and Margie Comanda

In the Children's Bible Story Hour, we study the Bible with an eye towards the needs and abilities of the toddler age group. Lessons are taken from the David C. Cooke curriculum which is activity based as toddlers need to march, clap, dance, sing, and jump up and down. It is encouraging to hear the report that a child constantly sings the songs from class at home during the week. It is mandatory to have fun while studying the Bible in this class!